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That is why we dig deep into the design principles of Syntropic Enterprise. Principles based on a billion years of testing

Build a team

Founded on reciprocity and complimentarity

Learn how to create

Ecologies of synergy


Become a steward of


The sacredness of life


Integrity and  prosperity for all

As a result of being Syntropic, increase

Common Wealth 

Create a business that leaves everything better

Bring an idea to life


Syntropic World provides education, mentoring, consulting, and a global community of practice to support leaders and changemakers in building beautiful businesses.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller


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Every business is different; work and life are emergent and changing. Choose how you would like to engage. 

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We have a range of on-demand and live classes to choose from to support exactly what you need to design a beautiful business and become a better leader.

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We partner with you to understand exactly what you need, from creating synergistic teams to designing currencies of trust to developing future leaders.

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The Six Primary Relationships in a Syntropic Enterprise Are

*The future of leadership is stewardship

*Governance structures that create ecologies of synergy -where we are better together

*A clear lived purpose that attracts uniquely brilliant diverse collaborators

*Finance and value exchange in integrity with the purpose, allowing multiple domains of value, including weightless and invisible values, to be recorded. This invites multiple forms of participation and a dignified exchange.

*Inviolate principles, the Pattern Integrity of the enterprise, that transcend form, business models, finance, or other corrupting influences.

*Redefining ownership by honouring rights and responsibilities, refusing to exploit, dominate or extract to extinction. Legal codes that align with the purpose and Pattern Integrity of the enterprise.


Syntropic Exemplars

Synergistic Accounting to build a team.

Meet Sarah Scott from Tanzania. Founder and CEO of The Kilimanjaro Project. Sarah discusses how Syntropic tools enabled her to recruit such high-calibre people on a limited budget.

Trust Manifesto supporting Earth-led education.

Cindy Forde, Founder of Planetari and author of  Bright New World demonstrates how a Syntropic Trust Manifesto can create ecologies of Trust and Synergy.


Extractive business models can not continue to flourish in the world – the way forward is for those who are becoming more focused on regenerative models. Absolutely this very modest investment provides the structure to think about what and how to change for longevity, purpose and retention of employees. Businesses, Not for Profits, government departments and those working within a “system” supporting others.

Kery O’Neill

​After over 30 years working directly on systems change, Christine’s work is the most powerful I have encountered. If only a fraction of the energy that people direct into the industry that is now CSR or Corporate sustainability in the business world and academia, was applied to building syntropic enterprise and disseminating these ideas, I truly believe we would exponentially increase our survival odds as a human family.

Cindy Forde, Planetari

In a world teetering on the edge, wedged between disarray and potential renaissance, the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass serves as the fulcrum on which it tips. The masterclass offers a compelling vision and toolkit for steering us away from that proverbial cliff edge towards regeneration and restorative systems.The Masterclass isn’t merely about doing business; it taps into a higher order of principles that guide us to redefining what business—and indeed, human activity—should be all about and in this crucial mission the Syntropic Masterclass is a lighthouse for all those daring enough to navigate towards a better future.

Kimberly Wilson

If you are truly committed to exploring better ways to do business that acknowledge the needs of all creation, then investing in the Masterclass will provide you with a pragmatic framework within which they are able to explore coherent future options, together with a very supportive community.

Cullum Francis

It offers powerful tools and frameworks for those who are seeking wisdom on how to achieve the seemingly too vague, elusive and impossible-to-scale culture. The frameworks around crossing the threshold into the Syntropic Cell, held by the steward leader with the various methods of keeping the “tensegrity” of the source idea (especially the clean communication architecture) offers a method for scaling culture that applies to diverse groups in a fair, elegant and logical way. It could even be a blueprint for creating new cities and nations.

Kat Dunn

It was brilliant, in short.  On one hand, it helped synthesize a bunch of previous information, on the other it planted new seeds to water and care for. For people in the permaculture community: “It’s kind of like permaculture for business.” For people in the business + entrepreneurial community: “It’s kind of like having the universe help you build your business.”

How I would describe Christine’s Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass, especially for people who are either building a business right now or looking to build a business it’s like having the universe build your business with you. 

Jacob Isenberg

Passionate about a world with a future, enterprise design, prosperity with integrity, zero exploitation, zero extraction to extinction, zero colonisation. 





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