Creating a world where Syntropic Enterprises are Ubiquitous

For those seeking to build, design & create new models of enterprise that ensures a world with a future.



“Don’t try to change the existing system. Create new models that make the existing obsolete.” R.Buckminster Fuller 

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Our Purpose

To support the creation of Syntropic Enterprises as ubiquitous. Syntropic Enterprises leave everything they touch better. (Syntropy is the opposite of entropy.)

If you are tired of exploitation, models of extraction to extinction, check box sustainability, green washing, colonisation and appropriation, and know there is another way…

..if you are clear that enterprises of the future, those that make it through the next ten years, must innovate the very underpinnings of enterprise design if they are to maintain relevance, attract and maintain the best people, and live a compelling story for their customers and stakeholders..

Learn, Connect, Collaborate and Lead a world with a future.

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#2. Learn, connect, collaborate and lead a world with a future

Business-as-usual is not the answer. To create a world with a future we need new models, new design, new thinking. Masterclasses, Case Studies, Enterprise Design Consulting, Events

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Tell the world that the future is Syntropic by achieving the Syntropic Mark. No greenwashing or check box sustainability. 

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Brisbane, Australia

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“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

R.Buckminster Fuller

Dominator Heirarchy Natural Hierarchy best suited to your enterprise Pattern Integrity
Sense of isolation Deep experience of partnership
At effect of everything Working towards the 10-50-100 year plan
Layers of management Autonomous deliberately developmental teams, high accountability, high agility, resilient
Single or even triple lens accounting Accounting for value in all domains
Shareholder focus Regenerative stakeholder focus, present and future
Fragmented culture, either too polarised or not polarised enough Purposeful culture with consciously designed polarity
Leadership overwhelm The Leader as Steward
All work, die the hero Time to tune in, connect, breath and intuit – essential to success, wellbeing, health
Difficulty attracting and retaining amazing people People seek you out, you get to choose from a diverse pool of extraordinary humans

Working with businesses like yours,
trusted by people like you


Strong views loosely held

Strong views enable people to know what you stand for. When people know what you stand for it allows them to choose engagement or not. Fundamentalist views are views that are closed to any possibility of change. There is no argument of any kind capable of shifting a...

Bottom line and triple bottom line don’t cut it – an introduction to Integral Accounting. Part 1.

Look around you...lift your head from the computer and notice your world. We live in a world rich with diversity. Multi-sensory, multi-colour. From where I sit I can see tree's, the sunlight, birds, fruit, and modern livingry tools all without turning my head. We have...

Beauty of Beginnings-November 9th-Two worlds

TWO WORLDS Imagine..a world where the narrative is that we are all separate, which means if I am to survive someone else needs to suffer. Competition rules. If you cannot measure it it doesn’t exist. Everything is commodified. Beauty, love and reverence are those...

Beauty of Beginnings-November 5th-Digital loss

DIGITAL LOSS I took this photo of the sunrise this morning, as I often do. I was alone at the time, midway through my morning run. I sent it to my beloved, to share the moment, as he was not able to be with me this morning. I marvel that I can send it, share it, allow...

The value of getting a no. The more no’s the closer you are to a yes

We want the yes. We often want it so desperately that we build the moment before the big ask until it becomes sleepless nights and a churning stomach. Yes to the sale, yes to the deal, yes to the venture capital. Yes to our design, yes to the big ask. We have all been...

Beauty of Beginnings – July 30th

To maintain shape and space there is an intrinsic requirement for tension and compression to exist simultaneously. A beautiful bubble exists in the dance between tension and compression. Our Western rational mind see these two elements as discreet two-ness. The up to...
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