Syntropic World

Redesign business for a world with a future.




We teach people who care deeply about our future HOW to create enterprises that guarantee a world WITH a future.

We are the Map Makers and Way Finders – at the frontiers of new models of enterprise design, human co-ordination, capital, care and love for our planet and its future, all Earths creatures.

Beautiful business that doesn’t cost the earth

Using Nature’s Laws.

Integrity is the essence of everything.

We make collaboration and partnerships easy.

With an increased well-being for earth and all her creatures.

Syntropic World doesn’t have customers. We build community.

New models, new maps, new mindsets.



Ready to take the next step?

Create a living enterprise that is comprehensively considerate of its effects today and tomorrow, where people who care gather to support a purpose they care about, and do so in a way that creates ecologies of synergy, where we are better together.

Held with love by steward leaders, practising clean communication.

Bring to life an idea in a way that demonstrates the sancity of life.

Prosperity and justice. Integrity and care. All-in-accounting.

Beautiful Business.


What is a Syntropic Enterprise?

Put simply, any human endeavour that leaves EVERYTHING better.

“Thank you and immense gratitude for all you bring and all you are, including your unique capacity to stir, inspire, model and lead towards a way more sensible, sensitive, sustainable, sensuous and decidedly un-separate world.”

Peter Lustig collaborative practitioner, mediator, lawyer