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What is a ‘Syntropic Enterprise?’

What is Syntropy?

If entropy is the tendency toward chaos, degeneration and disorder, syntropy is its opposite: it means leaving everything better.

What is Enterprise?

An enterprise is any human endeavour, whether a business, a community, a group, a project or a partnership.

What is a Syntropic Enterprise?

A Syntropic Enterprise is a human endeavour that leaves everything better.

Our Purpose

Our current entropic models have created the broken systems that are failing us now. We’re creating new models, new maps and new mindsets for a world with a future where all life on Earth can flourish – forever.

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

R.Buckminster Fuller

How do we do this?


No more top down management. Whole enterprise engagement and Steward Leadership


Designing cultures where the exponential power of the human mind working synergistically is realised.


From value as only dollar denominated to value in twelve domains.


Integrity is the foundation. It is designed into the structure. It is the way we work together.


A purpose that creates a world with a future.


The investment in zero residue between people and their communication.


The enterprise architecture that enables agency within community

Working with people like you, doing things like this

Syntropic Enterprises

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Zero exploitation.
Zero extraction to extinction.
Zero colonisation.

Because nothing is more powerful than people coming together synergistically – we are better together


Here are some ideas on how to get started on your Syntropic Journey

How to Start a Syntropic Enterprise - E-book

Dowload the ebook as our gift. Four steps to get started.


Learn tools and models. Practical. Tested. Based on the laws inherent in nature.

Speak the Truth - ebook

7 Steps to Radical Truth with Compassion

This process has changed lives, saved marriages, restored hope where there was none.

Are you a Syntropic Exemplar?

Do you believe your enterprise is an exemplar of Syntropic Enterprise? We would love to hear from you.

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