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For those seeking to build, design & create new models of enterprise that ensures a world with a future.



“Don’t try to change the existing system. Create new models that make the existing obsolete.” R.Buckminster Fuller 

Tell the world your business is committed to a world with a future. Read the Pledge

Our Purpose

We are committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world a better place

“We are the Map Makers and Way Finders – at the frontiers of new models of enterprise design, human coordination, capital, care and love for our planet and its future, all Earths creatures. When we commit to working synergistically our potential is exponential. Acting in this way, honouring the laws inherent in nature, and applying them to human systems, there is no problem towards an eternally regenerative Universe that cannot be solved”  

It all began with this…

In 2019 Christine McDougall was fed up. Fed up with morally bankrupt leaders and broken systems – so she started a movement that would strive to leave everything touched, better. This idea, this evolution, this belief …became Syntropic Enterprise.

It’s a new take on business. A business plan that celebrates those thinking with tomorrow in mind.

Syntropic Enterprise is creating a world with a future. A world where integrity, values and human connection are driven through considered positive productivity for the Earth. It’s this mindset that leads to success and leaves a lasting legacy.

A world with the future of the Universe considered. And not smirked at.

For over 20 years, Christine McDougall has committed herself to working with leaders and enterprises globally to invoke change. She experiences a deeper level of truth by questioning the basic assumptions that drive us as humans. At the core of her work is the mantra…leave everything you touch, better.

The opposite of evil is indifference, so if not you, then who?

It’s business, reimagined.

#1. Download The Pledge

Tell the world your business is committed to a more beautiful world for Earth and all of her creatures  

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Business-as-usual is not the answer. To create a world with a future we need new models, new design, new mindsets. 

#3. Syntropic Mark

Tell the world that the future is Syntropic with the Syntropic Mark.

Integrity. Care. Leaving everything better.

 Masterclass World Tour


Feb 11|12

Sydney, Australia

March 3|4

London UK

March 9|10

Gold Coast, Australia

May 12|13

Boulder, USA

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

R.Buckminster Fuller

Dominator Heirarchy Natural Hierarchy best suited to your enterprise Pattern Integrity
Sense of isolation Deep experience of partnership
At effect of everything Working towards a business plan with tomorrow in mind
Layers of management Autonomous deliberately developmental teams, high accountability, high agility, resilient
Single or even triple lens accounting Accounting for many forms of value, tangible and intangible
Shareholder focus Stakeholder focus, present and future
Fragmented culture, either too polarised or not polarised enough Purposeful culture with consciously designed polarity
Leadership overwhelm The Leader as Steward
All work, die the hero Time to tune in, connect, breath and intuit – essential to success, wellbeing, health
Difficulty attracting and retaining amazing people People seek you out, you get to choose from a diverse pool of extraordinary humans

Working with businesses like yours,
trusted by people like you


The Divided Life – coming home to the whole of us

Our inner work involves bringing all of our broken and disparate pieces back together, back to our core. It doesn’t matter where we start. Starting is what matters. Getting to know all the parts of ourselves and finding acceptance. Or finally looking in the eye of our insecurities, our fears, our self hate, and questioning their dominance of us? Or learning to say NO to what is not on our song sheet, and YES to what is. Learning to know the difference between the two.

On Spaciousness

To squeeze a life full to the brim of schedules, meetings, tasks and to-do lists is to dishonour the geometry of relationships, where spaciousness is essential to existence.  

2.23AM The Podcast- Season#1, #5 – Jim Breen – Going for exceptional, making the impossible possible

Today's guest is the exceptional Jim Breen. We met in 2013 over breakfast on the Gold Coast. Ever the Irish man, the conversation was an adventure in story telling. I have the sketch in my note pad of how Jim planned Cycle Against Suicide. I refer to that sketch at...

Life Doesn’t Turn Out As We Expect It – So what! Commit to Truth

What did I expect? I expected I would be more successful, according to the ways we define success in our culture. Basically, that I would have more “stuff”. At the least a house, actually several, in a few exotic locations, probably a lot more money, even a relationship. I expected that from the outside view I would fit all the categories of a successful self-made woman. I would be famous and wealthy.

How did we get to this faux beauty addiction? (lets be honest many of the results of plastic surgery are not remotely beautiful…they are outright scary)

What is wrong with us? Obsessed with youth? Terrified of aging? What is wrong with aging? When I was 23 years old (in the early 80's) I landed, for the first time, in the USA. On my first day I found myself in the food court at the Mall in Orange County. I was sick to...

Beauty of Beginnings – January 19th – The field of compassion

Every act of compassion strengths the global field of compassion. Just as every act of hate strengthens the global field of hate. We get to choose what we put into the field. Do we want to be part of the cultivation of hate, or the cultivation of compassion?...
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