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Don’t try to change the existing system. Create new models that make the existing obsolete. 

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To support the creation of Syntropic Enterprises as ubiquitous. Syntropic Enterprises are Enterprises that enables a higher order. By nature they evoke gravity (attraction) and coherence towards an eternally regenerative Universe. (Syntropy is the opposite of entropy.)

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Business-as-usual is not the answer. To create a world with a future we need new models, new design, new thinking.

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Tell the world that the future is Syntropic. No greenwashing or check box sustainability. Become a part of a global community committed to a world with a future.

Humans wanted for hazardous journey. Uncharted territory, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Our Earth and all her creatures are depending on you. Honour and recognition in event of success.”

*adapted from Ernest Shackleton’s advert for his expedition to Antarctica

Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass 2019

November 19|20th Brisbane Australia

November 27|28th Sydney Australia

December 3|4th London UK

December 10|11th Boulder USA

Syntropic Enterprise Architecture Launchpad

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“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

R.Buckminster Fuller

A Constellation of Map Makers and Way Finders

A global community of Map Makers creating Syntropic Enterprise for a world with a future


Designing Syntropic Enterprises – new models that make the existing models obsolete. Enterprise design, finance, currency, technology, leadership, community, politics..


#zero exploitation #zero extraction to extinction #zero colonisation


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Dominator Heirarchy Natural Hierarchy best suited to your enterprise Pattern Integrity
Sense of isolation Deep experience of partnership
At effect of everything Working towards the 10-50-100 year plan
Layers of management Autonomous deliberately developmental teams, high accountability, high agility, resilient
Single or even triple lens accounting Accounting for value in all domains
Shareholder focus Regenerative stakeholder focus, present and future
Fragmented culture, either too polarised or not polarised enough Purposeful culture with consciously designed polarity
Leadership overwhelm The Leader as Steward
All work, die the hero Time to tune in, connect, breath and intuit – essential to success, wellbeing, health
Difficulty attracting and retaining amazing people People seek you out, you get to choose from a diverse pool of extraordinary humans

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Beauty of Beginnings-June 3rd-Good intentions misaligned

Good intentions misaligned When we are working on big issues like ending poverty - any big systemic issue - we need to start with the biggest view possible, ideally, with the whole. In the interim we may need to provide symptom care in the field. Food, education,...

Drinking the Kool Aid

In the past few months I have been attuned to a yearning I feel, both inside me and that I sense in many other people. My sense is that many people know, at a deep soul level, without having the right words to be able to explain it, that our way of giving and...

Top 10 tips for managing energy when traveling overseas for business

1. Maintain your rituals as much as you are able. For me that includes running first thing in the morning. Running re-sets my body clock faster than anything else because I have been a 20 year first thing in the morning runner. The day after I arrive I get right back...

Beauty of Beginnings – January 7th – Life Long Learning

Life long learning People seek the elixir of youth, resorting to everything from injecting foreign substances to preserving the dead body in the hope it might be resurrected with technology. (Nothing new about that, the Pharaoh's and others got that trend started.)...

The arc of my next evolution

On this morn I was fighting inner demons. Old stories of failure, hardship, of being alone in the world. It seemed fitting that the sky was a story of greys. Yet I found beauty here, in the drizzle. The drama of the greys. And from the other side of the world a voice...

Beauty of Beginnings – December 15th

Confidence Is a tricky little character. Too much, and it becomes arrogance, hubris.  Too little and and we find ourselves swimming under water, the sense of a world of possibility so close, yet so very far. There is a place where we might be, tethered to the who of...
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