100 years from today

September 6th 2118

100 years from today. Children born today will be alive, saving a catastrophe. 

With technology, many of us might be alive in 100 years.

If you are a parent, look at your kids and ask – are we thinking about their world in 80 plus years?

How far into the future do we plan? 3 years? 5 years? 20 years?

11 years ago the iPhone arrived.

18 years ago we had Y2K. 

There is much we cannot even conceive possible in the next 100 years. 

Yet there is much we can hold as aspirational.

All human thriving. The end of rapacious growth on a finite planet. A population under control. Quality and affordable health care and education for all. No more animal extinctions.

No more forests clear-cut. Rivers, lakes and streams cleaned up. The abundant energy from sun, wind and water powering everything, almost freely.

Human dignity, respect, care and justice. Not for a few, or for a group based on some random determinant, like which direction you hold as sacred, or who you think rules the heavens.

The next baby you see, look into their eyes and see yourself reflected.

100 years. Not that far away.

September 6th 2018

Photo taken September 6th 2018