Everyday is a day to Love. Be Syntropic

I was lucky. I was born into love. Held in love as a child. Nurtured by love to adult hood. Birthed in a country that enabled opportunity.

The romantic love that we seem to crave did not come easily. I was three weeks from a wedding because I thought perhaps I was missing what this kind of love meant, and considered perhaps it would grow after the marriage. Lucky for me, again, I woke up and didn’t marry that first time.

My daughter, the first love of my life, was born through a younger version of intimate love. She was the gift I did not ask for. She taught me more about love, about being human, about kindness and care and profound consideration than anyone. She still does.

I found myself single in my thirties, and for a long time thought that there was something deeply wrong with me for not being able to find intimate love with another.

I fell deeply in love with Joseph, and learned about depression, and ultimately, suicide. This experience had me live and breath deeply into what it means to choose life. What it means to live each day in intractable emotional and spiritual pain. What it means to choose, with full consciousness, death. It might sound hard, and there were certainly hard moments, but the whole experience is one I cherish.

And then for a very long time, it was just me and my daughter. For most of my adult life, just the two of us.

Through this I found myself. I went through the darkest of my own nights. I didn’t want to wake up. I cried the Soul of the ocean. I couldn’t find solid ground that I could trust to hold me when I took a step.

My work had always been my love. The structure of my life, the early morning beach walks and runs, the sunrise, the ocean, nature as a daily beginning, was my saving grace.

I found happiness within. A very long time ago, more than a decade, I stopped looking for love out there. I knew that I was happy with me. That if love came, it would be synergistic. That my life and my being would be enriched exponentially more than it already was.

And so it was a complete surprise that my love found me, and I found my love. Living my life. Just as I am today, writing this blog at my beach side coffee shop, the mighty Pacific my view. 

A casual conversation at this very coffee shop, unfolding over the course of 7 months. I didn’t see it. Until that first kiss. And then everything opened…my heart, the Universal symphony…we both felt that we had to go through everything that brought us to each other…all that pain and angst…

I never dreamed this kind of love…whole, passionate, certain…existed. 

It has been worth waiting almost my entire adult life for. Worth every tear. Every break. Every wrent in the fabric I had expected of my life.

Every day the sun gives love. The trees, the birds…life…love in abundance. It is called Syntropy…giving to generate life and love.

Rather than seek for love, be the generator of love, just as the sun does.

I cannot guarantee that in doing this you will find the love I have found. I can guarantee that you will feel whole and complete, and because of this nothing will be missing.

Every day is a day to generate love. Be Syntropic.

Photo taken February 14th, 2020, by Natalie, my daughter

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About Christine McDougall


As the Founder and Chief Steward of Syntropic.world – Christine works with leaders and enterprises globally who have a commitment to being the pioneers of enterprise change. Christine has the ability to completely re-imagine business, its role in our world, and its potential for a future for all humans. She experiences a deeper level of truth than most through applying synergetics (Buckminster Fuller’s anticipatory design science) and the working laws of Universe to enterprise design and human co-ordination. She has a way of articulating this so others can see it as well. Christine questions the most basic assumptions that drive our complex systems and can map that back to what is needed today. She is committed to the creation of Syntropic enterprises as ubiquitous.

To learn more visit www.syntropic.world

P.S. Whenever you’re ready… here are 7 ways Christine and Team Syntropic might help you steward your enterprise for a world with a future.

1. Purchase the ebook, Speak the Truth for just $10. Our most important work is in human to human relationships. Often the greatest pain of our lives is when these relationships at home and in our work break down. This is a powerful tool that has restored the human connection in many of the most broken relationships. The 7 step process covered in Speak the Truth has been delivered to thousands around the world in The Dare to Care Workshop. www.syntropic.world/speakthetruth

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6. Warm Data Labs – to consider a trans-contextual response to complex problems, evoking the collective brilliance available when we look at the whole system by design. www.syntropic.world/warmdatalab

7. Dare to Care workshop – How to speak the radical truth with compassion. Delivered to thousands of people around the world, the Dare to Care workshop starts with the premise that I need to care more about you than what you think about me.

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