Collaboration, co-operation and synergy are SUPER powers
We need to become the leaders we seek
Businesses who only engage through WinWinWin are the future
Collaboration is easy if you know how
Active citizenship is where the TRUE power lies
All-in-accounting is the way to build endurance, respect, resilience and love into any enterprise
Integrity holds its shape
Integrity is the Essence
Leadership is love standing against fear
Going for MOONshots asks us to become our greater selves
There is beauty in constraints
Every single person matters
The marriage of YIN and YANG is the path to wholeness
Scarcity is almost always a manufactured illusion
Gratitude and generosity work especially powerfully in the dark
There is enough to go around
Great leadership demands greater responsibility
Synergy in action means 1 + 1 = +1000
Collaboration is about the ideas that never existed until everyone entered the room
Great leadership = humility
Building self managed teams is the future of business
Management  is only required when you do not have  motivated people

Credit to Jonathan Fields, and his work at RevolutionU.

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