From this

*people as commodities

*the environment as commodities

*reducing the essentials for human life….to commodities…like child care, food, aged care, health, education…..

*enterprise where the legal responsibility is to the shareholder as the primary purpose of existence

*where rape and pillage of the land is perfectly normal, acceptable, OK

*where the game is to go work for 40 years to pay for stuff you don’t really want to then get time to do what you do want and then die

*where the 800x more energy available to us than we could ALL ever need is not freely distributed (and don’t give me any BS about how this is not possible…of course it is possible…)

*where big business owns politics, governments, and just about everything else

*where it is simply fine for the CEO to get x300 that the lowest paid employer

*where it is OK for someone to work their heart out at something that really matters and live on subsistence or lower wage….like nurses, teaches, carers…or indeed to work for a big corporate like Walmart and live on a low wage..and of the flip side…it is ok to pay someone an obscene salary to make obnoxico (rubbish that no one needs, like crappy fast food, ridiculous toys, junk, and the layers and layers of jobs that add zero value at all) or to trade digits on a computer screen

*where the pursuit of money and status, fame and fortune are the holy grail, and anyone who does not have celebrity, fame and fortune has not ‘made’ it

*where it is acceptable to make money through exploitation, manipulation, seduction and spin…this actually seen as good business practice

*where the Colonial impulse to go to a ‘developing’ country and take the value from the land…leaving behind a wasteland and poverty…is good for your superannuation package…but please don’t ask too many questions about your superannuation package (you just want to know that it is earning you money…you are not really bothered to know how exactly it’s doing this)

*where work is about hierarchy, conformity, layers and layers of waste, power games, boredom, carrot and stick…

*where being the young tech god who discovers the next X is what it is all about…or being the older guys who funds the young tech god

*where humans are reduced to data so we can sell them more stuff that they do not want…

*where growth is the alter on which we worship

I could go on….but you get the picture…

To this

*where humans are treated as human, seen for their value, paid for their value, given autonomy, responsibility and pupose

*where profit is the side effect of creating a business that serves the well-being of all, making stuff or services that add real value

*where people actually get paid for doing something that adds value

*where the CEO and politicians are held to the same level of account as the people they serve. This means that they do not get special health, insurance and superannuation packages…they cannot be brought or owned..transparency rules…

* where those who are celebrity are the people who really do add value…like the inventors of the vaccine for HIV, the person who enables almost free renewable energy, the person who dedicates their life to helping others…

* where business recognises value in multiple domains, and not simply the domain of money

*where we are engaged in work that we love, work that spreads love, creates love and is love..

*where business is beautiful, filled with reverence, awe and excitement

*where the Whole is considered in all interactions…the cycle from start to finish and  repeat…where there is no pollution, waste or hazard as an off shoot of any business

*where we choose to leave a tree planted in the playground and put up a rope and seat for a swing, than chop the tree down and put in a swing set…then cover the ground in ‘safe’ things so our children can be protected from harm…sure your kid might break their arm climbing a tree…but so what…they are kids…they are supposed to climb trees and break arms..

*where education and health care are human rights

*where women (LBGT, non whites etc) are invited to the table and given the same respect as anyone else

*where there is no knowledge asymmetry in any contract…truth, transparency, respect…abound

*where instead of seducing we invite and give people sovereign choice

*where people in organisations have autonomy, the layers of management don’t exist, the purpose is compelling, and work matters.

* where money is but one metric of value

*where community, family, time, giving, citizenship…are all part of daily life..

*where you can bring your whole self to work…

This is what 2:23AM is all about….

This is what we care for, work for, bleed for, love……

It is the world calling us at 2:23AM.

And yes…it can be done…it is being done…it must be done…


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