5 keys. How do you know your project is the right one? A guide for entrepreneurs.

You are investing all of your time, energy, love and money into a new project. How do you know it is the right project and that you are on track?

5 Keys

1. First and foremost every single part of you says yes. Not a single cell in your body, not even your toenail says this is wrong. This is not the same as uncertainty about how you are going to pull it off. This is a big aligned YES!

2. If any single part of you says no, then you need to address this aspect with rigour and harsh honesty. Until it is a yes.

3. Feedback from your world says yes. You have to see more signs of a yes than of a no. Ideally, get feedback from people who you trust to be brutally honest with you.

4. Forget about the people in your life who have other ideas for you, the naysayers and energy suckers. If you need to, stop having anything to do with these people. At least for the vulnerable stage of your project.

5. You will also get mysterious clues from strangers that you are on path. People and events will seemingly line up to support you. If you find yourself constantly pushing the rock uphill, go back to #1 and be even more rigorous in answering this question. Get to the point where you can stand in the mirror, look yourself deep in the eyes, and tell yourself the truth.


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