Creating a world where Syntropic Enterprises are Ubiquitous

For those seeking to build, design & create new models of enterprise that ensures a world with a future.



“Don’t try to change the existing system. Create new models that make the existing obsolete.” R.Buckminster Fuller 

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Our Purpose

To support the creation of Syntropic Enterprises as ubiquitous. Syntropic Enterprises leave everything they touch better. (Syntropy is the opposite of entropy.)

If you are tired of exploitation, models of extraction to extinction, check box sustainability, green washing, colonisation and appropriation, and know there is another way…

..if you are clear that enterprises of the future, those that make it through the next ten years, must innovate the very underpinnings of enterprise design if they are to maintain relevance, attract and maintain the best people, and live a compelling story for their customers and stakeholders..

Learn, Connect, Collaborate and Lead a world with a future.

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#1. Sign the Covenant

Commit to leading enterprise change for a world with a future 

#2. Learn, connect, collaborate and lead a world with a future

Business-as-usual is not the answer. To create a world with a future we need new models, new design, new thinking. Masterclasses, Case Studies, Enterprise Design Consulting, Events

#3. Syntropic *Mark

Tell the world that the future is Syntropic by achieving the Syntropic *Mark. No greenwashing or check box sustainability. 

 Masterclass & Syntropic BOOK LAUNCH  World Tour


Feb 3|4

Brisbane, Australia

Feb 11|12

Sydney, Australia

Feb 26|27

London, UK

March 3|4

Boulder, USA *to be confirmed

March 9|10

Gold Coast, Australia

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

R.Buckminster Fuller

Dominator Heirarchy Natural Hierarchy best suited to your enterprise Pattern Integrity
Sense of isolation Deep experience of partnership
At effect of everything Working towards the 10-50-100 year plan
Layers of management Autonomous deliberately developmental teams, high accountability, high agility, resilient
Single or even triple lens accounting Accounting for value in all domains
Shareholder focus Regenerative stakeholder focus, present and future
Fragmented culture, either too polarised or not polarised enough Purposeful culture with consciously designed polarity
Leadership overwhelm The Leader as Steward
All work, die the hero Time to tune in, connect, breath and intuit – essential to success, wellbeing, health
Difficulty attracting and retaining amazing people People seek you out, you get to choose from a diverse pool of extraordinary humans

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trusted by people like you


Beauty of Beginnings-June 8th-Poetry from the future

Poetry from the Future Poetry evokes contemplation, beauty, love - in few words expressing the human condition  and its vast symphony of emotions. To imagine great poetry from the future is to image a future where humans express love, beauty, wisdom…where life...

Beauty of Beginnings – January 17th

Threshold crossing is a part of regular life. We cross the threshold from sleep to awake. From morning to evening. From our private inner life to our outer expression. There are some thresholds that we skip across, and some that we are dragged across. Some we long to...

Beauty of Beginnings – October 12th

Grateful. For all the remarkable people who are committed to beautiful work that dignifies humanity and Earth. To those who risk so much to speak up. Their safety, their families support, friendships... all might be the cost of their speaking. Yet still they speak. To...

Beauty of Beginnings – January 22nd

Lovers on the beach at dawn with seagulls. One of my most favourite photo's. Capturing a moment where, off script, two people, strangers to me, kissed in the perfect dawn light. It reminds me of transience. Synchronicity. Kairos time. (divine time) What story did...

Beauty of Beginnings – April 8th

Rhythms of life, moving with the beat. Requires attention. Tuning in. Respect. Self love. The exquisite intersection of our inner learning is knowing when to let go let flow, and when to turn into the wind.   Photo Taken April 8th 2018 *Beauty is best when...

Beauty of Beginnings – June 17th

There are days that demand we show up in our full glory, not a single part hidden. Head high, gaze steady, each step taken as if we have no doubt of the way. All in. We may have doubt about the how and the what. There is no doubt about the why, about the direction....
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