Our global society is going through massive change. But the way we are creating and building businesses has NOT changed.

Until now.

Welcome to Syntropic World. 



The status quo can feel unchangeable. But large-scale change is happening.

Syntropic World is leading change in how we do business and human coordination.  

At Syntropic World, 
we work with business owners, community leaders and entrepreneurs who care deeply about a world with a future for earth and all her creatures. 

You know that our current business models are broken, full of hypocrisy, corruption, and an absence of integrity.

We teach a roadmap to create wildly successful teams, build partnerships, and do business that improves everything and everyone.

You can immediately apply these powerful tools and frameworks to create more trust and transparency AND run a profitable business that allows you to see the world beyond numbers.

You can have a successful business scale healthy culture in a fair, elegant, wholehearted and logical way that acknowledges all of life while leaving the world a better place.


  • Learn a pragmatic framework for better ways to do business that acknowledges the value of all of life
  • Apply powerful tools immediately to your work and personal life that makes everything better
  • Learn a method for scaling culture that applies to diverse groups in a fair, elegant and logical way. It could even be a blueprint for creating new cities and nations
  • Feel safe and supported while discovering new ways of partnering and building businesses that leave everything and everyone better

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur?
Do you want to leave the world better than you found it?
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We are the Map Makers and Way Finders – at the frontiers of new models of enterprise design, human co-ordination, capital, care & love for our planet, its creatures, and its future.

What is a Syntropic Enterprise?

Put simply, any human endeavour that leaves EVERYTHING better.

“Thank you and immense gratitude for all you bring and all you are, including your unique capacity to stir, inspire, model and lead towards a way more sensible, sensitive, sustainable, sensuous and decidedly un-separate world.”

Peter Lustig collaborative practitioner, mediator, lawyer