A better idea

The only way to destroy an idea like Nazism or Hamas is with a better idea.

To think a movement, which doesn’t exist within a location or a group of people but within a cause – be that cause right or wrong – can be destroyed, is foolish. 

Ideas that become movements are a form of religion.

Religion – a particular system of faith in the worship of a divine being or beings” is by c. 1300; the sense of “recognition of and allegiance in manner of life (perceived as justly due) to a higher, unseen power or powers. (Etymological dictionary)

Like culture, they exist as memes and are ephemeral, weightless, and unable to be measured. 

Foolish people think they can destroy people who steward the idea and, in doing so, destroy the idea. Like a Hydra, the idea spreads and becomes stronger the more violence is inflicted upon it.

The only way to destroy the idea is with a better idea. 

We might start with creating cultures that honour all life, refusing to privilege an in-group over an out-group. We might offer dignity, rights of access to food, energy, medicine and education, and a refusal to cast aside people for superficial reasons. 

Photo Taken October 31st  2023