In the 2.23AM world of business generosity leads.

Here is how it works. We are hosting an event in Sydney Australia, Monday September 1st, with about 40 guests. About 4 months ago I met a business person for an hour. I called him last week and invited him to the event. He said yes, and then given that he knew I was from the Gold Coast and the guest speaker, Dr. Martin, was from the USA, he then said, “Please come and stay at our house. We are 10 minutes away from the venue. We have a room and a car you can use.”

Today, on the phone to confirm our acceptance of his offer, he said, “Let’s treat it like this. Imagine you have known me for 10 years and have stayed at my place many times. This is how I want you to treat my home.”

This from a man I have spent 1 hour with, and David has not met at all.

We live in an abundant Universe. There are in our Western World more than enough spaces and places to stay, to meet.. There are people who will extend the hand before they seek to take.

When a community takes care of each other, when we can arrive at the table with a genuine offer of abundance, including our abundant scarcity, and hold the place that within our community there is enough to go around, people and communities thrive. One day I will have plenty of x, the next year I may have plenty of y and less of x. This is the cycle of nature. In community, it is rare that the entire community experiences true scarcity in the same places simultaneously.

Nature figured this out a long time ago.

It is a true delight to be with people around the world who show up from generosity first. To do this of course, they need to know abundance as the natural state of the Universe.


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