A buzz in the air

A beautiful morning, full moon over water. Sharing the ocean with some of the best surfers in the world, here for a completion on the weekend. Side by side at our coffee shop with the greatest female surfer of all time, a local and one of the most down-to-earth people you could meet.

There is a buzz in the air. 

Student protestors are galvanising around the world, demanding an end to violence and seeking equivalent rights for people to their homes and safety. History indicates that when students get involved, tipping points happen.

A corrupt and vacuous politician is finally being held to account after a lifetime of crime and callous inhumanity.

Lies are being called out. The use of fear as a weapon of propaganda is being seen, more and more, for what it is.

The birds show up on my balcony, asking for some seed. The kookaburras are happy to be hand-fed. The not-too-hot late April sun warms my feet. The cooler nights a welcome relief to the relentless summer.

There is goodness all around. Even when I despair the most, I still believe in my bones that most humans are good, and that given dignity, respect and equivalent opportunity, humanity rises and the better angels of our nature prevail.

When we give all people access to quality education, health care, food, water and a purposeful livelihood, we lose momentum for violence and war fought over scarcity.

When we refuse to cooperate with those who remain addicted to power and domination, we become the change makers.

Imagine that? You and I can build a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible simply by never feeding the beast that holds power, domination, scarcity and fear as the operating system. 

Photo Taken April 24th 2024