A cascade of foolishness

“The slightest deviation from truth is multiplied a thousand-fold.” Aristotle

Building an enterprise where it is safe to speak truth at the earliest instance is critical. 

If we allow lies and mistakes to go unchecked, if we shame and blame for being human, we create a culture that might appear risk averse but becomes very brittle, and with time, might host a fester of mistruths and stopovers that have serious consequences.

Any institution that allows a simple lie to go unchecked participates in creating the ground for lies to become its oxygen. 

The life of living a lie that needs another lie to hold it up, multiplied, is exhausting. 

The life of denying the evidence in front of our noses because of the investment we have made in the lie is a cascade of foolishness. The ground will give away.

I prefer to live lite. To live light. Name lies. Speak truth. Confront the uncomfortable. 

Photo taken November 12th 2022