A certain novelty

My work comes off the back of the entire linage of humanity that has existed till now.

To think that I have created something through my genius alone is to become an island of arrogance.

By tapping into the field of creativity, generated by all who have walked before, by nature in her entirety, I might produce something that has an original flavour to it, a unique nuance, a certain novelty.

This too will become healthy food for the next iteration by another. As is the order of evolution and emergence.

Rather than be hellbent on originality, perhaps we might instead ask if what we are creating is generative. If it adds to the wellbeing of Earth and all her creatures?

Beauty, love, joy…exist in syntropy. In their creation they become more abundant, they propagate more light, never less.

Building enterprises, projects and artefacts that are generative, that invite in more love, more beauty, more joy, more curiosity…perhaps is worthy of aspiration in a world that aspires to other measures of success?

July 15th 2018

Photo Taken July 15th 2018