A decade ends a new day dawns


I was asked recently what my rituals are to prepare for the New Year. I practise many of these daily, rather than annually because each day, hour, minute, and moment… we get to start again.


I cannot deny the urge that hits about this time to clean house. I mean…really clean house. Wash curtains…throw out, do all the accumulated odd jobs.

This is itself a preparation for New. To get the space in which that which I am the steward of birthing is given a home that is cared for deeply.

Clean house also means cleaning out emails, doing your book work. Getting back to zero on the ‘do-later’ list. Or, throwing the list and most of the emails away. Starting clean.

Clean house might also be to get back to zero on areas that have been out of integrity. Clean communication (read how here) with anyone with whom you are holding a charged field of energy.

****I have a wonderful tool, THE PERSONAL INTEGRITY INVENTORY**** to consider areas of your life that might need cleaning up and attention. It covers getting clean on things such as money, health, relationships, environment and wellbeing. You can access it here. FREE.


Let the time that has been go. It has shaped you to here. The emotions, the broken heart, the disappointments and joys…are the fabric of your now. Let them structure your emerging wisdom with love and self-compassion.

If needs be, do a ceremony. Write down all that you would like to compost into the soil that will nourish your future and burn it or bury it. This might include the stories you have been telling yourself till now, the ones you do not want to take forward into tomorrow.

Pick one story that you know is time to compost. 



Feel into what you desire with the whole of your being, absent any clinging, needy, parasitic type energy. We cannot desire that someone else does something for us for they are not ours to control. We can desire a future that has us show up differently towards its creation. 


A long time ago I quit goal setting. Goal setting begins with the assumption that ‘I’ get to determine what happens. It discounts the entire ecology in which ‘I’ live. To impose my will onto that ecology, including others, and that which I am steward of. Goal setting is also laden with cultural stories of success and failure. It lives in a story of a linear mechanistic world. Do this and that happens. Most of the time this is not the way the Universe works.

There is a tricky little discernment here, between a goal and an intention. I might set an intention to run a marathon. (Berlin 2020) This then requires me to plan the training, do the training, and then run and finish the race. 

An intention can be to show up in life demonstrating, no matter what, a way of being. Happy. Grateful. Joyous. In Integrity.

(i) First I need to be honest with myself about how committed I am to this intention. A wish is not the same as a committed intention. A committed intention carries the weight of our entire willingness to act. There is an ALL-IN as its foundational energetic. Not a partial IN, holding a card ‘in-case’. We might have a Plan B, but if we do our commitment is towards Plan A. Plan B will occur when we commit to Plan A and get challenged by life and events unforeseen. 

(ii) In between setting an intention and achieving it all of life happens. I might get injured, a whole host of unforeseen events might happen that changes the course of my intention. If I am attached to running the marathon, I might then find myself deeply upset if it does not happen. If I give everything towards the intention, if I do the training, give it my best, hold the intention with love and clarity, know that I have left nothing off the table. No matter what happens, I am happy with the outcome. My personal best marathon was run this way. I did not have a goal to run my PB. I had the intention to love the race and have a good time. 

Or to say it another way…a goal sets up precession. Precession is the effect that occurs at 90 degrees to the goal. Precession is where the juice is. Go for the precession. By going for a good time on my PB marathon I inadvertently and quite delightfully achieved a PB.

For more on precession see this article or watch me talk on precession here.

By going for the precession you are also going for something that is likely to be far bigger than you are. Life is not about achieving the precession, it is about the courage to go for it with your whole heart, and in the process do far more than you would ever have. In reaching for the stars we might discover Jupiter.

(iii) Limit your intentions to a few….or one. If your list is large, consider which is the ONE, that if you hold this, many of the others might also occur. Our self-deception commonly seeks for us to create too much to do, and then we do not do much well, or at all.

(iv) Back your intentions with the plan for their achievement. Set up the plan, the accountability, the tools required….ask for help.

(v) Proceed and adjust as the ecology of our life occurs. Rigidity makes us brittle. There is likely to be one thousand and one ways to achieve your intention.


If you are in integrity, your path is towards your truth, you are holding the shape for that which you are stewarding, you are paying exquisite attention to the emergent, including the emergent properties of that which you are stewarding, and you are not attached to the form of what is emerging, rather to its Pattern Integrity (For an article on Pattern Integrity here) then miracles will occur.

Miracles and synchronicities are part of being in flow with the Universe of your life. We are all connected….the force can indeed be with us when we are with it. We are Jedi in training if we choose.

Miracles usually arrive in small, plain packaging, looking like nothing. A kind word, an obscure offer, a sudden change that leaves us gasping for security. They rarely look like a miracle until much later.

MY 2020

I started 2019 as I have begun most years….at my beachside cafe after witnessing the sunrise on a new year and an ocean swim. For the last two years, commencing January 1st 2018, I have written Beauty of Beginnings. (subscribe here)

The idea for Beauty of Beginnings arose in a heartbeat. At the cafe. On January 1st 2018. This is my 729th Beauty. I thought that if I wrote a blog for 365 days at the end of that I would have a day book that I could get published. Now I have either two-day books or one to be curated. (I am seeking a good curator/editor/book partner.)

I will keep writing…I love to write, the practise refines my skill, and my small audience continually lets me know how much value they get from reading. Writing is also my way of thinking through topics and ideas forming…

(If you love Beauty of Beginnings, then consider someone else might as well…and gift them the knowing of its existence. Beauty is best experienced when shared.)

The precession of my morning ritual arrived completely unexpectedly and entirely inadvertently. I met, at my cafe, where I am writing this now, my love, Tony. We started simply by chatting over the course of 6/7 months. We then went out as friends. By the end of July that friendship became love. All-in. 

As someone who has spent most of my life single, and happily so, this unexpected turn of events has been one of the biggest miracles of my life. 

Tony and I hold a knowing that is Soul-deep about us as a couple. We breathe together. That this level of love and being loved existed has never been in my field of expectation. 

We are moving in together at the end of January, and I am cleaning house and making space for a life together. It is a strong instinct…very similar to the one I experienced days before my daughter, my other life miracle, was born. The foundations of a home and sanctuary for our relationship to mature are important to me, to us, and to the work emerging.

Simultaneously to my relationship with Tony occurring in 2019 there emerged Syntropic Enterprise. It will be torwards the animation of Syntropic Enterprise as a global movement for a world with a future that I turn my 2020.

I am composting the following story…

That marketing/storytelling/reaching those who would deeply love my work, and the field I hold for Syntropic Enterprise and a world with a future, is hard. This includes the belief that I might impose on others through my outreach. 

Rather it is fun, important, and clean. Intention of message, absent seduction, spin, scarcity, as pure and strong, like an arrowhead. Finding those who are seeking it…knowing they do seek it or knowing only that they are looking for something..offering way more value in any message delivery….generosity, storytelling…authenticity…finding the others who seek a more beautiful world through enterprise design, human coordination, synergy….

My desire is towards Syntropic Enterprise becoming Ubiquitous. This might take the rest of my life. In plain English, I desire for all enterprises, be that the solo, the corporate, the not-for-profit, and every shade in between, to leave everything they touch better. Human dignity, respect and love for Earth and all of her creatures, a more beautiful world that we know is possible for all. To no longer try to fix the broken, to get tangled in the dark, but rather to turn 90 degrees towards what we can do, the world we hold in our hearts as possible.

My intention is to ensure that the Syntropic Masterclass World Tour and book launch attracts exactly those people and enterprises who seek to be part of the creation of a world with a future…who seek to be the mapmakers and wayfinders for new models that make the existing obsolete.

I am proud of my idealism. If not this as my intention, then I cannot see why I would bother getting up. I know in my bones it is possible. That a small group of people can lead change. That the application of synergy and comprehensive anticipatory design to how we do things we have yet to really challenge, like enterprise design, value, measurement, wealth and its creation, money, currency, and education….can ensure a world with a future for all. My idealism is rooted in the highly practical application. What works in natural design science might just work as well in human coordination and enterprise design.


If any of this resonates with you…if you would like to learn and experience practical (because they have been used by nature for billions of years) tools and techniques that enable you and your enterprise to become Syntropic….and along the way, streamlined, with a flatter hierarchy, self-managed teams, all-in-accounting, a 100-year plan, integrity all the way up down and through, in all domains, value held in 6 domains without any one domain taking precedence over any of the others, and much more… then please consider the following…


Coming to

Brisbane February 4/5th

Sydney February 11/12

Boulder CO February 25/26th

London March 3/4

Gold Coast March 9/10

Affordably priced to ensure access…super early bird tickets are available in some locations.

Working with me.


Retreat -off-site for you/and or your team. (Why not reset for 2020.) Better by far than a health retreat.

Strategy session -one day – powerful opportunity to align a team, consider the emerging future, design a plan, return to basics, remember why you started this enterprise in the first place, or apply synergy to create exponential outcomes.

Warm Data Lab – to explore complex issues and be sure you are taking a trans contextual path…considering all perspectives. A powerful process best applied to those who are seeking to solve wicked problems.

Dare to Care…..two days to exponentially improve communication skills, truth speaking, accountability, feedback, acknowledgement, and ultimately relational care.

Signing the Covenant for Syntropic Enterprises and wearing the Syntropic Mark. AT NO FEE, except your commitment to Syntropic and a world with a future

2020 is a turning point for humanity. You, me, we have the power to lead change for a world with a future. 

Lets do this.

warmly, and with love and appreciation,