A dialogue with growth enough stasis and death

Our current capitalistic model of endless growth on a finite planet is a fool’s game, only able to be kept alive for an increasingly smaller window of time and at the cost of our home planet and all of our beautiful creatures.

We need to stay in a close and enduring dialogue with what we need to grow and why, with what is enough, and when will we know we have enough, with the counter forces of stasis which are anti-generative of life, and finally, with death.

If we consider an enterprise, where does it need to grow that is in harmony with its pattern integrity? Is there a point we might reach that will be enough, and if so, where might we shift our growth so that the dynamic forces are maintained against the entropic force of stasis and death?

And what might death look like? The end of our enterprise. Have we considered this from the Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity?

With Syntropic World we need the story of syntropic to grow and spread rapidly and virally if we want Syntropic Enterprise to be ubiquitous. Our work will be done when there are more Syntropic Enterprises than entropic. The momentum and wave will carry on without us. We do want to be sure we have profit in all domains, but never at the expense of profit in any one domain. We require animation and movement to stay alive and vibrant, to be continually innovating, adapting and iterating to the changing ecology of the world and enterprise. We also want interior growth to be included as essential for our people, community, and interested stakeholders. ‘Enough’ is a community that has provisions in multiple domains to ensure they are spending time doing what matters most in a state of well-being. Being with loved ones, supporting a regenerative, syntropic ecology, doing work that matters and is loved and needed…

If we do not stay in the dialogue of growth, enough, stasis and death, we will easily find ourselves and our enterprises contaminated, distorted, and removed from the Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea.

Novemver 22nd 2019

Photo taken November 22nd, 2019