A fierceness that I celebrate

The paradox

Now global, but shut the borders.

All in this together, but stay apart.

Do nothing, but change everything.

For anything to hold its shape, to be in integrity, we need polarity. We need the positive charge to the negative charge. The Yin to the Yang. The feminine to the masculine.

For so long we have created, with some reptilian survival instinct, the polarity of scarcity, ownership, accumulation.

I believe with a fierceness that I celebrate, that humanity is evolving towards a higher order, a greater capacity, the ability to handle multiple complexities simultaneously.

Sometimes when I look at those who seem to hold the keys to the kingdom, I am stunned by the supreme ignorance and incapacity.

But it is because of this we have the conditions that enable our evolution to progress.

The outright lack of capacity and desire to support the increased well-being of Earth and all her creatures… into that vacuum created by absence arises a precessional turn that might lift us to that higher order.

So….do we try to fix the obsolete, or shall we apply ourselves to the creation of a better possibility for all?

I look to the larger horizon, where like the morning sun, the future calls in infinite beauty.

April 27th 2020

Photo taken April 27th, 2020