A Game of Perspective

Pick a spot. Stand and look to the horizon. The unknown future. Sense it. Does it feel impossible? Does it excite you? Or terrify? 

Is it beautiful? Does it entice?

Notice the distance…far far…or closing in.

Pause. Take a breath.

Step into that future. Move your body and stand in this future-based place.

Turn and look back to where, moments before, you were standing in the present.

Speak from the future to your present. Speak as the future. Name the effects of all that you held in your heart back then, that you have now brought to life.

Allow the impossible possibility. Let go of the hooks to the present. Let the shape and direction of what you have held for so long come alive.

Pause. Breath.

Return to where you started. 

Perhaps now you know what to do as the next step towards the future you seek to create.

*This exercise is best done with a witness able to hold the space for you to stay present to your truth. 

May 3rd 2019

Photo taken May 3rd, 2019