A great business mind

I heard a reporter say yesterday that Rupert Murdoch is one of the greatest business minds of our generation.

This is what we celebrate?

A man who builds an empire that controls three nation-states. The politicians and journalists terrified of his ability to make or break them. 

A man who profits from the propagation of lies and hate. Truth is irrelevant to his cause. His media empire is built on a platform of lies, edifying those happy to sell their souls to achieve sick fame. 

A man who has not a shred of integrity.

Who cares not a scratch for a world burning? Indeed, his fingerprints are everywhere to be found when considering the accelerated rate of global warming.

A man who delights in finding ridiculous puppets for presidents and prime ministers, allowing these fools of men to think they actually are great leaders, as Murdoch pulls the strings. Trump, Abbott, Morrison, Johnson, to name a few. The delusion of these men and their acolytes is spectacular to behold. 

A great business mind? The statement itself puts the light on business as a winner takes all, at any cost. Any cost! Is this the world we want?

Business does not have to be this. Business and enterprise could be about coordinating people to build a world that works for Earth and all her creatures.

This is the work of Syntropic World. If Murdoch points to anything in his leadership, it is the abject failure of our existing business model of winner-takes-all.

Winner takes all makes the majority losers. And when the majority wake to their loss (woke – heaven forbid! No wonder the Murdoch media puppets find this expression so terrifying), it will be called a revolution.

And the wheels turn. I do hope one day we humans learn this pattern of play and retire it once and for all.

Moving instead towards a Syntropic World.

Photo Taken September 23rd  2023