A healthy life is one of tensegrity

The word tensegrity was coined by Buckminster Fuller. It is a combination of tension and integrity.

A steady state is entropic – towards decay. Our desire to be free of conflict, diversity, robust debate, divided opinion, and novelty and change is a desire to wither on the vine of life.

I am convinced that old age is a slippage into the numbness of this steady state desire. 

Tensegrity is the dance between the tension of the new and unfamiliar, the embrace of the emergent, and our ability to hold the Pattern Integrity of our soul.  

In the space between we create the field that enables emergence and life.

This is true for an individual, an enterprise, a community, a garden, or nation-state.

At the threshold of the tensegrity structure – the frontier – we explore edges. As a Steward leader, the art is to neither jump too far, nor to stay too safe. 

Our ability to attune to the tensegrity that holds its shape is where we evolve as a strong Syntropic Leader.

Photo taken October 31st 2022

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