A hundred ways to look at a problem

This is a game.

Take the thing that is consuming your energy currently.

Name it clearly.

Set it down in front of you, in your imagination. Examine it. Ask it questions. Move around it, so you see it from different angles. Do this more than once.

Invite others to observe and comment. Listen to their words. Discern. Hold. Consider.

What if you turned the problem upside down?

Or imagine for a moment that it is a gift? If that were so, how would it be a gift?

If your imagination stretches that far, go into the problem, as if you are getting into its skin.

See your world from the problem’s point of view.

Keep asking the problem questions.

Humans are natural problem solvers, yet like any skill, it requires practice and commitment.

In a world of increasingly complex problems, we must cultivate the skills of holding complexity and multiple perspectives simultaneously. This is a developmental skill. Our neurobiological systems need to be trained over time to do this.

It takes complexity to meet complexity.

July 11th 2018

Photo Taken July 21st 2016