A life flirting with Syn

I was laughing when I realised that this could sound like a life flirting with sin. 

I composted the Christian idea of being born with original sin a very long time ago. This cruel shame based ideology cripples people. No amount of looking at a newborn baby has me see sin in any form. 

I have been flirting with Syn since my mid-thirties. 

It began when I was in South Carolina, and I saw a restaurant called Syzygy. That word seized me. 

Visually it had symmetry. (Another version of syn)

It was provocative and memorable. 

Even better, it meant yoke. Or the alignment of three or more celestial bodies. Used in astronomy. To be in syzygy is to be aligned. 

My first company was called Syzergy. (Synergy and energy)

Syn means together. 

Trophy means q turning, a transformation.

Syntropy is a turning or transformation together, a coherence. Coming together towards a higher order. It is a far better word for the future we aspire to than regenerative, which is to generate again. Out of breakdown, regenerate. While we need to regenerate because of the destruction we have inflicted, after regeneration, we need to become Syntropic.

Then there is synergy. The together totality cannot be understood by examining the parts separately. Start with the whole. Whole systems as a practice. We are better together when in a context that enables synergy.

Synergia – working together. Joint work. I love this word. 

Symbiosis – living together (bios = life). Union for life of two different organisms based on mutual benefit.

To look back at my life flirting with Syn, there is clearly a call, in the sound and visuals of the word, that I have not been able to leave. 

Together. Better. 

Photo taken January 16th 2024