A little help from my friends

What a privilege it is to be able to say this…

I did this with a little help from my friends. Even better, with a little help from my friends, we did this.

The principle of synergy, one of the primary principles for the operation manual for Spaceship Earth, requires two critical ingredients. You need to be in motion. And you need to be in motion with others.

Only when we do these two things, do we unlock the code and key to Spaceship Earth’s infinite abundance.

Nothing happens until we move. And thinking we do it alone is to deny the million and one things that enable us to do the simple act of eating food.

To have friends who help. Lift us. Offer a thought. Hold us when we are broken. Kick us when we have sunk into our own self-pity. Precious, precious friends.

December 22nd 2019

Photo taken December 22nd, 2019