A new order of things

“Is nothing more difficult nor more doubtful of success nor more dangerous to conduct than to make oneself a leader in introducing a new order of things. For the man/woman who introduces it has for enemies all who do well out of the old order.” Machiavelli

Yet the truth is we need this kind of leadership. We need the voices of many who stand at the edge and rattle the cage of old ways. Who do so with the wisdom of bringing the best from the old, as they transcend to the new.

The path, as Machiavelli suggests, is fraught with danger. It seeks to break the hold of those who profit off the backs of the many as they remain in the appearance of safety behind their gilded walls.

To do this, to persist, one must reject any form of personal advantage in isolation from the larger goal. Instead, one must cast their eyes to the horizon of the distant land, the one that restores dignity, beauty, love, care, meaning…to Earth and all her creatures. The goal, the mission, is the manna that feeds the leaders on this quest.

Change is the way of things. The arrow of emergence is written into our nature. To pull ourselves from a crawl. To walk. To run. To dance.

The moment we sink into the rigidity of unchange we are reduced from animated and dynamic towards decay.

Those who cling to the status quo and reject change are the modern-day dinosaurs. Their profit costs humanity a vital, all-of-life future.

The aftertax of our excess and absence of all-in-accounting will be paid. It is being paid in the death of species, forests, rivers, oceans, sky…and the more beautiful world we know is possible.

Is safety and the old order an option? Perhaps it’s time now to question everything. To lead the future.

I do hope you will join me. All hands are essential. No task is too small.

This is what Syntropic World is all about.

First published January 20th 2020

Photo Taken March 6th 2024