A painful experience becomes an asset when we learn its precious lesson.

For many years I felt alone. The outlier, the misunderstood. What I knew was that my core principle was to be in integrity, to practise integrity, to hold myself to integrity, against the odds. I have not always managed to do this to the standard I hold for myself, which is high.

This included in my work, and my offering to the world, a gift of my birth and ecology, of my Pattern Integrity. A gift supported by education, opportunity and access that is not available to all as freely as it was to me.

To recognise in that gift the responsibility to share this with others less fortunate. 

Through this journey, which has not been easy, and has included being a single mother, a pioneer, and a woman engaged in a mostly male world, I have lived on the edge of viability. 

The precession of this had me take a deep dive into understanding money, our economic system, how money is made, who gets the opportunity, who gets the leverage. 

I learned that while I had little in physical assets of the bricks-and-mortar kind, or investments or other such things that made someone ‘wealthy,’ I had wealth in health, relationships, and most of all, my ingenuity and determination. I learned that so much of what we consider ‘wealth’ and ‘success,’ the metrics with which we determine these things, are built on a house of cards. It would take but a wind from an unexpected direction to blow it all down.

That wind has arrived.

At this later stage of my life, after decades of preparation, the rest of the world has joined me in living on the precipice of the unknown. The place where in the next hour everything might change for everyone.

While for so many, this place is terrifying, for me, it is familiar. It is my world. I know its contours, I am comfortable not knowing what will happen when I take the next step. Will I be held up, or fall?

For the first time in our history, we, humanity, are all in this together. 

This, to get this..we are all in this together…is to be thrown, against our will, into the profound recognition that indeed what one person does affects us all.

Therefore, if we want a world that works for Earth and all her creatures, we need to start, at minimum, with the whole. This is the principle of Synergy.

Alternatively, to keep conquered, keep divided.

What do you choose? All together, or fanning the flames of division?

A painful experience becomes an asset when we learn its precious lesson.

April 13th 2020

Photo taken April 13th, 2020