A place that is still

Below the threshing beat of stress is a place that is still.

Last night, in the dark hours, awake and perturbed, I sunk below the frenzy of a million thoughts and a myriad of emotions, and found that still place.

It was an oasis.

The day had been a tangle of schizophrenic energies. My sleep had been a skate sleep across thin ice.

To find the stillness, the pool of our all-knowing, was to drink deep from the well.

Into that infinite field of silence, I made a vow. It echoed into the Universe.

We cannot guarantee that the person who goes to sleep at night is the same person who wakes up.

On this morn, I woke to a new world. The night had shaped me. I had left a part of me behind that needed to be left. The new day brought relief and the promise of a different path.

This is the beauty of beginnings. We get to start anew.

February 3rd 2018

Photo taken 24 June 2014