A question of morality

Is it immoral to stand by and watch as the patriarchal voice speaks of women as objects of exploitation and sexualisation, absent any rights to their own bodies, even if you do not treat women as such?

Is it immoral to stand by as the politicians refuse to actively account for their own funding sources and the influence money has on their choices? As their lies become business as usual?

Is it immoral to revere the billionaires who have, almost without exception (please show me one who has not), earned their billions off the back of many or from the privilege of power that gives them access to advanced knowledge that others with less power cannot access? 

Is it immoral to agree to play the system that is going full bore towards entropy – climate collapse, wealth disparity, power accumulation in the hands of the few…and think you are just joining the crowd…if not you, there will be another.

Once we know the game, at what point do we become participants in the game by our silence and inaction? Where are we responsible?

Never doubt that people coming together can change the world. Never doubt the power of your voice, your choices, and your actions multiplied.

Here is to people like Murray, who said no to a gig that would get him into the limelight because it was a panel of men he was asked to moderate. He said no and asked that they find a woman instead.

…these actions…

…make the difference….

September 17th 2019

Photo Taken September 30th, 2014