A seed planted into our mind

The biggest question I am sitting in as we close out 2023 is how people become so lost in ungrounded and deluded states.

How we give away our power to others.

I gave my power away for decades. I supplicated myself to an opinion I believed superior to mine.

I work with daily intention to not allow people to do this with me. I do this by inviting dialogue (to turn together), staying open, surrounding myself with people who will challenge me and keep me from my self-delusions, and constantly checking my ‘power’ superiority complex.

The cutting edge of my shadow has been my righteousness and superiority. It is a daily practice to put this little ratbag back into her box. She loves to peek out and create havoc.

I think about the power of a placebo. A placebo is not science fiction. It is science fact.

The ability of our mind to give a nothing authority over us to the extent that we heal.

Of course, a placebo can be used for health or death. The mind can turn a nothing into a prophecy of death with such belief that the conditions are created for it to come true.

A seed planted into our mind can become a weapon or our liberation.

Our vigilance is in watching what seeds we allow to be planted, by whom, and for what intent. Even those planted with good intent can harm when planted by a person wrapped in a fever of deluded belief.

Photo Taken December 14th 2022