A simple life

It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.” Tolkien

In my youth I wanted to own things. Houses in several countries. Clothes and cars and shoes. In retrospect, I see this desire as one stemming from a place of my insufficiency of being. I didn’t feel enough. I needed to show the world I was good enough, smart enough. 

Celebrating a simple life is a statement of independence from needing to prove something to myself and others.

I am enough as I am. Now.

Oh, the joy of knowing that in my bones.

Now I love simple. I do not want to be responsible for caring for stuff. I would rather be responsible for spending my life energy on supporting more beauty, kindness, love and syntropy in the world.

Paring down to enable our focused energy on things that matter most is a beautiful thing.

Give me a simple life.

Photo Taken June 15th 2023