A simple story worthy of celebration

The date for me is arbitrary. Behind the appropriation by men driven by power and greed over two thousand years lies a simple story worthy of celebration.

A birth of a child who is love. Born in a place of utmost simplicity, absent any pomp or gaudiness.

Walking the Earth in the company of those society discarded: the poor, the broken, the diseased, criminals, prostitutes.

The message is eternal and timeless. It matters not which culture or religious upbringing you are from.

A child born from love, offering love to all, opening arms to receive the refugees, ill and broken from the great Ark of the world.

How far have we strayed from this message? How far as a society have we strayed from the principles of hospitality, generosity, kindness, decency, respect, and love?

Today, on this day, perhaps begin with love. Be love. Be kind. Be the embodiment of the Christ that our elected leaders lack. Whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist….take this day that defines Western Culture, and be love.

It is a simple message, saturated in the most glorious of possible impacts for humanity’s future.

December 25th 2018


Photo taken December 25th 2018