A structure for freedom

Time: The Chronos and Kairos dance

Our human-constructed, separate from Nature, world lives on Chronos time.

Linear. Dated. Tick tock. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Our separation from Nature has also been a separation from Kairos time. The clock of the heavens. In perfect right time.

Chronos and Kairos are complementary pairs. 

We need both.

Allow the Source Idea to seize hold. Kairos in play. Tune into its frequency, pace and desire to take form. 

The next step lives in Chronos time. By when? 

Chronos provides the container. Kairos gets to play within it.

A structure for freedom. 

Not unbounded, for freedom is not found without structure.

Know both Chronos and Kairos, for they are never separate, just like the front and back of your hand are not separate. They dance together, delightful pairs.

Photo Taken July 21st 2023