A Syntropic Economy

Create value and extract value.

The gift economy and the market economy.

The artist and their gift and those who desire the gift.

I consider these polarities not as separate from each other but complementary to each other. Two parts of a whole.

Yet our culture is designed to divide the giving and the receiving with a scale weighted towards extraction and exploitation.

Profit in a capitalistic economy is, after all, the surplus of labour and resources. You need more giving and more extraction to make a profit in a capitalist economy.

Now consider Syntropy and Entropy. Syntropy is the greater force. Love is stronger than evil. Love can subsume evil, but evil cannot subsume love.

Giving is Syntropic. 

In a Syntropic Economy, zero exploitation and extraction to extinction are foundation stones of all activity.

Here is the way a Syntropic Economy works.

Give your all in an ecology where the precondition is an agreement to zero exploitation, zero extraction to extinction and zero colonisation. If the pre-condition is not there, refuse to engage. Before the giving, enact a Synergistic Audit, where the agreement of exchange and reciprocity is clear. This exchange includes life-affirming monetary exchange so that the giver is able to sustain their creativity without threat of financial precarity. 

The surplus profit in a Syntropic Economy is measured by an increased well-being of all those engaged, in all domains. This surplus profit – including a surplus profit of time, energy, health, vital relationships, access, and the basic needs for survival – can then be reinvested into supporting others acting in Syntropy towards an eternally regenerative Universe, without ecological offence of the disadvantage of anyone.

Photo Taken August 23rd 2022