Grace meets you right where it finds you, but it does not leave you where it found you. Anne Lamont

The thing about despair is that the moment we open ourselves to receiving Grace, Grace will find us.

That may be as simple as the sunrise. Or a chat with a seagull. It may be the impulse to get out of bed this morn, when only 4 hours of sleep has been had, because something tells me to be at the beach for the sunrise. (It was worth it, don’t you think?)

It can be a smile from a stranger, the person offering to carry your bags…or the man at the airport asking if you are OK.

Grace doesn’t ask questions of you, or have an agenda. It simply is. It is not put off by our very bad mood, or our dangerous ways. It will not judge you for the colour of your skin, the state of your dress.. or your mind.

Grace is..

And after it has touched us, we are not the same. Grace cannot leave us as we are when it found us…

Humans, life…is made…emerges…one touch of Grace at a time.