A trim tab for humanity

I am watching the busyness outside. Construction. People. Congestion. 

Growth. This thing. More of everything.

More and more. 

The word quiet pops into my head. I want quiet. I long for quiet. I can access quiet inside at any time, but that is not what I long for.

I wonder about the state of the Earth’s nervous system, of which my nervous system is a fractal. 

I would imagine that if I were the Earth’s nervous system, I would long for quiet, too. A pause in the push-pull, growth, digging, building, traversing, ever-increasing energy exchanges.

This is the seasons. The night. The stillness of wintering. The retreat. 

But the seasons are merging. And everything is always on. 

I wonder how Earth finds quiet. 

How easily has humanity rejected the ebb and flow of seasons, cycles, day and night?

Even this small recalibration and restoration to seasonal and cycle flow and respect would recalibrate our nervous systems and our mental health.

Such a small change, yet potentially a trim tab for humanity.

Photo Taken April 14th 2024