A Universal Conspiracy

Towards emergence.

Although it currently feels like we have gone retrograde.

If we lived only in the neat packages of scientific rationalism and precise measurement, then it might feel humanity is failing the promise and potential of our genius.

But there is an arrow pointed to the heavens. And slowly, steadily, imperceptibly, we move towards a higher state of being. This is called syntropy.

We who hold out for the good, the true and the beautiful… for love…for the gorgeous brilliance of the synergistic minds of our companions…must fortify ourselves as we continue to stand up against tyranny, bigotry and injustice.

Not so much a push as a stand. Anchored in the integrity of Earth, Heavens, the air, the future.

Resolute, committed, supported and supporting. Once more to the fray. And then to rest, restore, rejuvenate for the next day.

Beauty, truth, goodness…a world with a future that includes all humans and our creatures…depends upon each and every act. And between acts, our breathing intention, and our sweet dreams of better.

Photo taken July 20th, 2019