A vow transcends commitment

I love sacred words as a non-religious person, honouring their Source etymology before they were appropriated by religion. 

The sacred and spiritual are the mystery, the Source of Beauty and awe. When we lose our connection with the sacred, we lose connection to life that has meaning transcending the day-to-day. 

Our addiction to knowing everything about how everything works keeps us in a small world of worker creatures, toiling at the coal face. 

To look up at the stars,  or down into the depths of the ocean, is to be reduced to awe at existence itself. That liminal space between us and awe is the realm of the sacred.

When we make a vow, we make it to the unknown mystery, to our life and its Pattern Integrity. A vow transcends commitment. It lives in the realm of the sacred.

Vows should rarely be made; when we make a vow, we might know what we are doing. Yet we are seldom taught the energetic threading that lives in a vow. The ties are at the level of the sacred and mysterious. To break a vow is to break our weave with the sacred.

If, in our life, we make one or two vows, that is enough.

Photo Taken March 26th 2023

*This is an extract from this week’s Sunday Syntropy for April 2nd.