A worthy investment

I am about to board a flight to Japan for a holiday. There is excitement arising even though the dullness of exhaustion is the louder noise.

I read the news feed. My heart cannot hold the horror. How does anyone justify the killing of so many people in Gaza? There is nothing that makes this right.

How does anyone justify the seizure of Ukrainian land and the senseless destruction and killing?

Oh, and then, says I to myself, sitting in my privilege on lands that were stolen, how do I reconcile my history?

Can I hold all of this – my history that gave me access and rights denied others – the horror being perpetrated on others as I sit in my safe comfort – and this arising excitement of an adventure and needed holiday?

Once upon a time, I was ignorant of so much. My bubble of ignorance was sweet and safe. 

Now that I know, I cannot unknow. There is no back. 

Perhaps this is why people prefer wilful ignorance. Prefer to read the safe news. Block the truth of a bloody and cruel history that has infused the lives of so many in very different ways. Then cry tragedy when they are asked to allow those without access to take their spot on the stage, because their rights have been discriminated against. 

We have so far to go. 

I am holding all of these conflicting emotions in my heart as I step into an adventure.

What I know about adventure, and stepping into a culture so different from mine, is that the experience will have its way with me. If I embrace it all, I will emerge more whole and perhaps a little wiser about a multicultural, multidimensional world. 

More compassion and understanding is a worthy investment. I am so grateful I can make this investment.

Photo Taken November 7th  2023