Syntropic World

Abundant Resources

In our commitment towards Syntropic Enterprises replacing business-as-usual we offer many pathways for everyone. Here are a few resources to get you started. Enjoy!





How to Start a Syntropic Enterprise E-book

This E-book is our gift to you.

Compiled with the help of the Syntropic Blue Community, we cover the first principles of how to start a Syntropic Enterprise.



Syntropic Trust Manifesto

This is a template to use to create the enterprise architecture that will enable ecologies for synergy, human dignity and businesses that keep their integrity. It has been deployed around the world enabling teams to work with complexity with minimal human upset and almost entirely self-manage.




Syntropic World Covenant

A Covenant is a sacred promise. This simple one page Covenant is our promise to you. We invite you to also hold this Covenant as your promise.




The engine room of Syntropic World – software we love

We select our software carefully. Companies run by real people who care about creating excellence. Often with women in leadership. Definitely companies that celebrate diversity. All of the links are affiliate links. The small amount of money we get from being an affiliate mitigates the costs of Syntropic World at no cost to you. We invest that money right back into creating a Syntropic World.




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“Thank you and immense gratitude for all you bring and all you are, including your unique capacity to stir, inspire, model and lead towards a way more sensible, sensitive, sustainable, sensuous and decidedly un-separate world.”

Peter Lustig collaborative practitioner, mediator, lawyer