Accidental, yet precessional

Precession is a Principle of Nature taught in the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass.

To every action, there is a reaction at ninety degrees to the direction of the original action. 

Drop a stone into a pond of water, and the ripples go out at ninety degrees to the stone’s entry into the water.

This law is true in all cases on a gravity-bound Earth. There is a ninety-degree precessional effect on every action.

What does this mean?

We might consider the possible precessional effects before we commence something. 

We might also switch the precessional effect and make it our main goal. For instance, if a honey bee accidentally gathers pollen on its legs and wings as it seeks honey from flowers and precessionally creates life on Earth – which was never the aim of the honey bee – we might aim to create life on Earth, knowing that there will be a different precessional effect.

We might aim for extraordinary customer service or staff care rather than aim for profit over everything. Profit becomes precessional.

I consider some of the geopolitical actions occurring currently. Russia, as far as I can ascertain, did not seek to increase the member states of NATO by invading Ukraine. Yet this is the precessional effect. 

By continuing to decimate a whole ethnic group and commit terrible crimes, a state actor is losing the support of more and more people worldwide, at the same time exposing the terrible acts of settler colonialism that have been occurring in plain sight, sanctioned by the West. This is an unintended precessional effect.

In my life, finding self-love and self-regard resulted in the precessional effect of building synergistic relationships that are beyond my wildest dreams. 

Wisdom would teach us to honour precession. Before we start a big endeavour, we should inquire with diligence about the potential precessional effect.

Maybe, just maybe, what we are hoping to achieve will blow up because we have not considered the precessional effect or because we have not created a goal or intention that serves the sacredness of all life. Precession happens no matter the ethics or morality of the intent.

Imagine if we held the sacredness of life as the intention in all things. What might be the precessional effect of this?

Photo Taken April 23rd 2024