Accumulation of the positive

Small acts, repeated, accumulate mass.

Whether that is a daily blog that might then become a book or three

Daily exercise that builds fitness and strength over years and decades

Kindness as a habit

10 minutes of meditation every day

Caring for a garden, a loved one, a home, a community.

Of course, we can also accumulate the negative and in the process become bitter and cynical. Goodness knows the world does not need more of that.

Over time our small acts build character, a body of work, communities. This increases our metaphysical mass. The greater the mass the more attractive we become. 

This is the law of gravity.

Increase mass (metaphysical or physical) and the force of attraction increases. 

(Or decrease the distance between.)

Attraction, beauty, vitality…is entirely possible to increase with age and time.

Small positive acts, repeated…build a life, change the field, make a difference.

November 26th 2019

Photo taken November 26th, 2019