Accumulative Consistency

To get fit, to get muscle tone, to build strength or to become ever more resilient emotionally and physically is a result of the habit of accumulative consistency.

Every step, every arm stroke in swimming, every meditation, every run is additive. 

The arrow of time is the true measure. 

After years of consistency, the body remembers. 

This applies to habits that support our wellbeing as well as habits and behaviours that erode our wellbeing.

The accumulation of actions taken consistently, especially towards a greater wholeness of being, builds upon each act prior.

The first step is to start.

The second step is to build the habit, refining as needs be.

From here it becomes easy to trust self that the habit is creating the frame of life that supports our best self to be more available, more of the time.

Many people find the act of accumulative consistency easy when applied to habits that reinforce that which we do not want. 

To choose that which we want, to declare this as a commitment, and then to act towards this with accumulative consistency, is an act of self-love.

October 9th 2019

Photo taken October 9th, 2019