Act small. Act local. Stay strong. Take a stand against little atrocities.

I woke to the terrible news from the United States that woman now has fewer rights to their body than people do to own and use guns.

While this news was made public I was literally dreaming during my night that humans had collectively placed the increased well-being for ALL of Earth’s creatures and our home planet as central to everything we do. 

It was the question we turned to – how to do this? The central organising principle of every decision.

It is a bold vision and the purpose behind everything I do at Syntropic World.

The paradox is that to hold this bold vision for a more beautiful world we need to act small, local and with relentless ferocity and commitment.

Change comes from grassroots groundswell. From me. From you. Never sitting on the sidelines and accepting the status quo. Knowing we have the power, not those we might think.

It comes from those of us with enough privileged to act. Those of us who are not needing to focus on surviving just to make it through the next day. 

It is for those trapped in a choiceless existence that we use our privilege.

This act of regression towards women’s rights did not happen in one move. It has been a relentless plan enacted over decades by a small minority of white men and their female supporters. This is how little atrocities work. On our watch.


Photo taken June 25th 2022