Acts of great love

To dare to care enough to call people to account, to hold them to a better, yet to-be-expressed version of themselves, is an act of love.

When people react with venom, when they blame, justify, and strike out, this is the soft wound they harbour, often not even recognising its existence, seeking to stay protected.

A sure sign of the unreconciled broken bits inside is the reflex to blame. To be right while the other is wrong. To project everything back on the other.

Sometimes acts of great love take 20 years to be seen as acts of great love. To call out bad behaviour is an act of love.

I only get away with my sh**t because you let me. We get the world we have where people get away with lying, cruelty, violence, misogyny, racism and hate because we let that happen in our world. A child is not born with these behaviours.

They are cultivated and allowed.

Photo Taken July 6th 2023