I am not a city person. I find crowds exhausting. I spend most of my days in happy solitude. 

Yet here I am, roaming the streets with millions of others, standing in queues for this and that. The noise, the lights, the sounds, and the endless sea of people.

Learning to navigate one of the most efficient yet complicated public transport systems in the world. You have to go slowly and be content with making many mistakes.

This requires adaptation. Not just mentally, but neurobiologically as well. 

We determined that we would aim to get lost at least three times a day.

After the initial sensory shock, a level of the familiar begins to take shape. But the moment smugness creeps in, a new layer of learning whacks you over the head.

This is why travel is so good for humans.

We have to adapt. We must make mistakes. Getting lost is all a part of the experience.

Photo Taken June 22nd  2023