When the signal….your intention…is clear and aligned and comes across in any physical form, be that document, a product, a relationship, or whatever…then it will land in the field of supply…

Think Martin Luther King Jr’s speech, “I have a dream”. His intention, born not from the words on a page, which he actually discarded, but from a connection to his heart and being, and then having this clear intention being channeled through his words, was so clear and aligned that even today, watching this speech on a grainy video, there is a part of you that wants to stand up and scream out…hell yes. The speech moves you, like a punch to the chest.

If you are writing a proposal, or a CV, or copy for a web page…or if you are delivering a product, a service, a speech… if the signal…which is your intention (or lack of intention) is in alignment with your head, heart and gut…and the artifact you are expressing it through in physical form…then the signal cannot but help itself from reaching the field of supply. The field of supply is the desired target…the audience, the market place, the investor, the customer.

The effort is applied, not at the target, not at making a ‘sale,’ getting the ‘deal’, winning the bid, but rather, if there is effort, it is in creating the alignment of head, heart, gut, product, service …Once this alignment and clear intention is in place, and this alignment becomes the place from which you speak, write, deliver….then the target will be reached without effort because the trajectory of the intention will cut through all layers of time and space.

Know your purpose, know your why, know your intention, have every level of that intention be an absolute YES, draw back the bow, and have the arrow find its way home.


Photo credit: Peter Thoeny – Quality HDR Photography via Compfight