Aliveness and life force is in part a response to how we manage our energy

Imagine that every single night, at the stroke of midnight, every human on the planet receives 100 Units of clean energy. Energy to power them to act, to manage digestion, to walk to the bus, to cook and clean and care for children, to create a new business, to work, to hold the hand of a loved one.

Now think about where your energy is spent.

Think about the issue that is on your mind. The one that wakes you in the night.

Sometimes issues in our lives consume more than the 100 Units of energy, and we go into energy debt. 

If this continues, energy is taken from our cells, our energy savings account.

Aliveness and life force are in part a response to how we manage our energy.

Do we let it be consumed by petty worries? Do we fear addressing larger issues in a timely manner, and thereby have it chew up our energy for much longer than needed?

Do we fear having ‘that’ conversation, and as such put it off at the cost of our energy?

If you were to do an energy audit, where is your energy going? 

Is it going to places, people, activities and thinking that are entropic? That takes more energy than is provided.

Or are you directing your energy in a Syntropic way? Towards people, activities and work that amplifies and adds to your energy account?

February 10th 2020

Photo taken February 18th, 2014