All adventures come to an end

Familiar. From family. Ordinary and usual.

Back to routine. Patterns. Walking a house in the dark, knowing where you are.

The sound of the ocean storming as I lie half awake. 

The easy order at our coffee shop, regular customers.

Adventures into the unknown ensure our skin does not become brittle. There is an expanse we must embrace. 

No matter our age, this type of discomfort is essential to us being able to yield, like a willow, as the constant desire of life seeks to have us become fixed and super safe in the known.

The antidote to certainty, to righteousness, is to be thoroughly lost and in need of others to reach out their hands to us as we flounder, near drowning.

This is the perfection of being broken down. Of scheduling adventures into the unknown. 

Of refusing to stay safe in our lane.

All adventures come to an end. Yet their alchemy remains, weaving within us new patterns that prevent our biology from becoming crystalline.

Photo Taken May 7th 2023