SYNTROPIC Community Stories and Case Studies


August 2020 Clean Communication + Tyson Yunkaporta


January 2021 Sarah Scott, Syntropic Alumni

January 2021 Jonathan Porritt, Author “Hope in Hell”

January 2o21 Distinction Between Purpose and Animating Idea

November 2020 Jeremy Lent, The Patterning Instinct

November 2020 Gina Yallamas, Urban Sharman

November 2020 Stewardship and Polarity

June 2020 Perturbation + Edward West + Gayle Hardie

May 2020 Synergy + Robb Smith



Watch Christopher Cooke’s presentation from our April 2020 Syntropic Alumni Open Call

The presentation was titled “What is arising” and is pertinent to the global COVID19 pandemic and the life conditions this presents us all.

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Speak the Truth - ebook

7 Steps to Radical Truth with Compassion

This process has changed lives, saved marriages, restored hope where there was none.

The Trust Manifesto for Syntropic World

A template for designing ecologies for synergy. Used with great success in many enterprises to coordinate people in complex environments around a bold purpose enabling minimal upset and high degrees of self-management.

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