Am I Accountable for the Collective Actions of Humanity?

How do I hold myself accountable for the collective actions of humanity? 

And why is this question even to be considered?

If the supposition is I am a separate atomised human, then what I do has zero affect on anything.

Yet this is not true. My words, my actions, the way I engage with life, creates a reaction, a field effect. Precession.

In our perceived isolation we shirk our responsibility and contribution towards the collective. As we do this we also invite the deepest form of loneliness and alienation. 

The very act of hubris, self righteous arrogance, lack of citizenship, lack of recognition that we, each and every one of us, generates the world we have, is also the disconnect that has us sink into the depths of despair.

To see ourselves as able to make significant contributions, to be active citizens, to have our rights as the partner pair of our responsibilities, is simultaneously to animate a life rich of meaning, a sense of our own inner power, our generative function.

To be Syntropic…to smile, participate, generate, love…towards a more elegant beautiful world, is to be alive.

February 25th 2020

Photo taken February 25th, 2020