Angels and monsters

Some people do horrible and cruel things to other people and creatures. 

Often times there is a background story to their acts of violence. Violence inflicted upon them as a child. Trauma of some nature. 

This does not justify their cruelty or perpetration. It can enable access to compassion for their path to cruelty.

To know the capacity for violence within each of us is to potentially reconcile our own darkness. We can only heal what we know needs healing. We get to choose if we want to or not. Most of us know we have deliberately used our words or actions towards others with lashings of cruelty. 

The overwhelming arc is towards the light. The light within us, the part of us that knows kindness, abundance, generosity and forgiveness. 

Vengeance keeps us cycling the pain, feeding the monster. 

Forgiveness is to end the pattern.

Forgiveness is the harder path, yet it enables us to live lite.(Live light?)

We get to choose.

Photo taken June 22nd 2022