Like bubbles of a very fine vintage Champagne.

A cross between excitement and anxiety. All mushed up.

Mind flittering from this to that, a very busy bee. Not a good state for high performance.

What is it that we are anticipating? The known, or the unknown?

The known, the return of a loved one…their absence felt like a hole in our body being.

The unknown – something long strived for, dreamed of, sculptured in the vision of our minds eye. Will it be all that we hoped? 

Expectation without unravelling assumptions can be a dangerous thing. A crap shoot. It might exceed or disappoint.

Anticipation by its nature brings us alive. The waiting…

And there she is, another sunrise, each day different, yet consistent. 

Here we go…a ticket to live life with bubbles of anticipation for what might occur on this day.

Expect miracles.

June 6th 2019

Photo taken June 6th, 2019